General Information

The CTC program runs throughout the year. We have three distinct rowing seasons – Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer – and we operate on a rolling admission basis.

New members, after they are swim qualified, are allowed to join the team and commence training.
By mid-Spring we are on the water training in boats and prepare for competitions which typically conclude by the end of the Summer or early Fall. In addition to our sculling schedule, we plan trips to colleges for program participants. These trips are typically on a Saturday.


  • Weekdays, practice after school - 5-7pm (WATER location is Eleanor St and WINTER location is Gage Park Field House)
  • Weekends, Saturday and Sunday we practice in the morning (WATER) or 2:30 - 5:00 (WINTER)
  • On selected Saturdays and Sundays we compete in the late Spring and Summer
  • Please see our calendar for specific weekly schedule (times may change due to weather, holidays or alternate planning)

Frequent Concerns. . .

Answers to some common concerns and questions.

Can I afford to do this?
CTC provides boats, equipment, training, space and some supplies at no charge. There are some items that require some supplemental funding from participants but none of these items will be required.
How do I get there?
The CTC program is focused on working with youth on the south side of Chicago. Our current training facility is two blocks from an Orange Line stop and major bus lines. We are working to build a community boating center on the South Branch of the Chicago River, near CTA transportation.
How will it affect my schoolwork?
The CTC program is designed to enhance your CPS schoolwork. It will require dedication and time management, but you should find yourself doing better at school and preparing for your academic life after high school.
What are the other teens in the program like?
There are a wide variety of program participants. CTC believes in diversity. Program participants are high-school age boys and girls from a variety of CPS schools.
Will I be the only one who does not know how to row?
No. Very few CTC participants know how to row when they begin the program. We will teach you how to row and help you to train to be good at it.